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Top 5 TV Series You Should Watch on Your TCL Smart TV


In the last quarter of the year 2014, we’re more than excited to say that this has been an awesome year for television. Aside from spicing up your nights and weekends, lots of new TV series have been levelling up their game and taking television to new heights!

With the end of the year fast approaching, here we list five of the best TV programs that kept us glued to our screens, anxiously waiting for the next plot twist:

Game of Thrones

Taking the top spot is Game of Thrones, which literally caused a wave of mixed emotions among netizens which is apparent enough when you see numerous memes and GOT references on your timeline.

With its pessimistic view of people and power and fearlessly unpredictable plot which always stirs audiences the world-over, you might ask why GOT is one of the highest rating TV programs. The answer? Production value, good-looking actors, impeccably written script and high-end special effects which will definitely come to life when you watch it on your TCL Smart TV.

How To Get Away With Murder

With just less than 10 episodes in its artillery since it premiered late this year, How To Get Away With Murder has become a “tough act to follow” according to Washington Post.

Following five aspiring lawyers and themarvellous actress, Viola Davis as law professor and attorney Annalise Keating, How To Get Away With Murder is getting away with one of the freshest takes on intellectual thrillers.

House of Cards

For those who fantasize about getting caught up in the struggle for power, House of Cards is the perfect choice. It’s the program that revolutionized the political genre with a compelling plot and veteran actors like Kevin Spacey, who constantly delivers an electrifying performance.

The Walking Dead

Even if you’ve already read the graphic novel version of this insanely addicting program brought by AMC, The Walking Dead still delivers a lot of fresh takes on the Zombie apocalypse genre. With characters that are still relatable, cutting edge special effects, and chilling plot twists this show should definitely be a regular on your ‘To Watch’ list.

American Horror Story

Perhaps the only TV program whose seasons can stand on its own, American Horror Story presents ceaseless, and horrifying story telling. If you’re having second thoughts on watching it for yourself, its seventeen Emmy nominations can testify for its terrifying goodness.

Horrifying is an understatement — It’s emotionally disturbing and just plain crazy — But we love it! It’s been nominated for 17 Primetime Emmy’s so if the title immediately scares you away, give it a shot.

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