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Top Crime Dramas You Should Watch


As a kid, you probably powered through your parents’ long monologues about how watching TV can fry your brain. While that may be true in the figurative sense for some TV shows, did you know that watching TV crime dramas is actually good for your brain?

Just like any other part of your body, your brain needs constant activity to stay healthy. And one way to give your brain a pretty intense mental exercise is watching thrilling TV crime dramas. So for a healthy brain here are some highly recommended TV crime dramas to add to your must-watch list:


Idris Edelba plays the brilliant and fierce Detective Chief Inspector in one of the best British crime thrillers in the past few years. For this character, the division between right and wrong becomes less than sharp. The show intermingles crimes across episodes with the complications in the titular character’s life.

White Collar

With six seasons under its belt, no crime show has ever been as slick and cultured as White Collar. Starring Matt Bomer, a highly intelligent conman who works with the FBI after breaking out of prison and eventually apprehended, the story revolves around the main character’s unpredictable moves while trying to capture high-profile criminals. You’ll be gripping your seats and constantly guessing what will come next.


Famous for airing just a handful of awesome episodes per season, Sherlock immediately inspires that all too familiar feeling that it will be loved for years on its first episode. Aside from the brilliant mind of Sherlock Holmes and the infinitely mind-boggling crimes in every episode, one thing to watch out for in this series is the friendship between Sherlock and Dr. Watson.

Breaking Bad

Think about it, a chemistry teacher who ends up concocting drugs to make sure his family has been provided for long after his cancer takes away his life? What’s not to obsess over? This show has garnered considerable recognition from award-giving bodies and deservedly so.


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