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Top Energy Saving Tips for Watching TV

TCL-Top-Energy-Saving-Tips-for-Watching-TV_1If you think that the only way to save energy and reduce your energy costs is to turn off and unplug your electric appliances, think again. Believe it or not, you can cut a significant part of your electric costs without sacrificing your comfort and or missing an episode of your favourite TV show.

Although it is true that some of the biggest energy saving techniques would require time and lots of money, you can still make little changes in your lifestyle that can help save energy and money. So to avoid splurging on and unnecessarily wasting energy, here are our top energy saving tips for watching TV:

Record your favorite shows so you can watch them later.

With an endless array of technologies that are available right at our fingertips, there must be a recording device such as the VCR or TiVO that can record programs that are aired at peak energy times so you can watch them at non-peak energy times. Aside from that, these recording devices use significantly less energy than television sets.

Gather the family to watch TV together.

If your family has five members in total, watching TV with them will cut 80% of the total energy costs you will incur when compared to all members watching TV separately in separate rooms. Not only will this technique save you money and reduce energy costs, it will also tighten your bond as a family.

Turn down the brightness of your TV screen.

One factor that increases energy consumption when watching television is the intensity of your screen’s brightness. So as much as possible, turn down your TV screen’s brightness to a comfortable level. This way, you can avoid extra energy costs.

Dial down the volume.

Avoid turning up your TV’s volume when you watch TV as this also affects how much energy you’re consuming. If you can, turn down or completely mute the volume during commercials. This might be not seem like it can make a big difference but it can help you save energy.

The effort of saving energy starts when you purchase your electric appliances. One thing to consider when buying a new TV set is if it’s powered with energy saving technologies. Some television sets consume less energy in spite of delivering bright displays and vivid images such as the TCL 50” B2800 which is equipped with the Natural Light Engine II Technology.


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