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Top Summer Energy-Saving Tips


Along with the excitement for beach vacations and road trips you have lined up for summer comes added cost and energy consumption for when you stay at home and turn up the air conditioning unit to battle the summer heat.

By the end of summer, you’ll find your electricity bills shoot up through the ceiling! So before you set your air conditioning unit to full swing here are some of the most effective summer energy-saving tips to cut your costs:

Limit your use of big air conditioning units.

When summer hits, so does the heat. While this is an excellent signal for a trip to the beach, summer temperature doesn’t fly too well when you’re living in the city which makes air conditioning units an indispensable appliance. However, the convenience of cool indoor temperature comes with a price you may not be too happy to pay. Keep in mind that various air conditioning units use up energy differently. The number one rule? Avoid oversized units which consume more energy. Make sure the size of your room is proportional to the cooling capacity of your unit.

Make sure your refrigerator is relatively full.

15 to 20 percent of household electricity is accounted for by refrigerators, another essential appliance for the summer season. Who doesn’t crave for a cool and refreshing drink in the middle of a summer day? So to save energy while enjoying the premium service of your refrigerator, do not open the refrigerator too frequently as more heat get trapped inside which will make the refrigerator work harder. The same effect is doubled if you leave your refrigerator empty. This is because more cold air will escape when you open the refrigerator.

Use appliances with energy saving technology.

Saving energy begins with your purchase of a piece of appliance. When doing your shopping, make sure every electric appliance you get is energy efficient. For instance, some television sets consume less energy in spite of delivering bright displays and vivid images such as the TCL 50” B2800 which is equipped with the Natural Light Engine II Technology.

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