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Tropical Stories: Why I Bought My Very Own Curved TV In The Philippines

Of all the Television Units on the market, I decided to buy the Curved TV from TCL. Okay, maybe it’s not really the best for everyone since a Curved TV can really cost a lot. I mean, who would buy a high-performing machine that brings out the best in viewing pleasure? That’s exactly what I mean. I could have bought any other cheap television unit, and it would really help my wallet get a breather; But then again, how about the quality on viewing experience? It’s tricky right. Fortunately, I was saved from confusion when I laid my eyes on the TCL Curved TV, I knew that it was the one that I needed.

So why did I buy a Curved TV? Well, on a personal note, I’d rather go all-out put when it comes to long term things than cutting off the quality by going cheaper. Up until now, I still haven’t regretted buying the Curved TV because it’s that great. This television unit will grace me for the next coming years, providing comfort and pleasure in the viewing department.

Did I get you convinced? Well let me do some reinforcement. This piece of eye-candy treat because of the booming quality it provides. Because of the curved design, images seem to pop out of the Curved TV. Not only this, but because of the ultra-definition feature it has, you can actually see the pores of a person. The immersive power of the Curved TV also allows me to become one with what I’m watching, it’s like I’m really evading the bullets with the hero or I’m crying with the heartbroken-heroine.

Sharpness is one of the best friends of the Curved TV, even though sporting a large build; it still produces picture sharpness that’s top of the line—best, even. Also, the curve of the television unit helps our eyes track moving images better resulting in crisp quality. And don’t worry about the large inches a Curved TV has, it won’t grain or blur your movies.

The sound quality of the TCL Curved TV is no stranger to vibe-outs. With the integrated speakers partnered by Harman Kardon, the audio performance of the Curved TV is top-notch. You can actually hear littlest sound that can be quite difficult to hear.

The last good thing (there’s too many to count!) I can mention is that the Curved TV has pre-installed apps so you won’t have the hassle of downloading. That way, you can now automatically stream to your favorite sides without the problem of figuring out how to install it.

Do you want to experience the power of the Curved TV? Check out their product page!

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