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TV Shows That Were Cancelled Too Soon


There is nothing worse than getting emotionally invested in a TV show only for it to get cut short. We’re sure everyone knows the feeling. Expectedly, the TV industry is very cruel especially with the emergence of streaming sites like Netflix, networks now need to battle harder for the attention of audiences everywhere. Who cares if it was nominated for an Emmy or if it has a solid online following, if it’s not pulling in money, you’re dead. So here are the shows that were cancelled too soon:


  1. Pushing Daisies

    Pushing Daisies is a fantasy mystery comedy-drama created by Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller. It aired a total of 2 seasons on ABC from 2007 – 2009. This show was critically acclaimed and was nominated for a total of 17 Primetime Emmys including Outstanding Supporting Actress for a Comedy Series for Kristin Chenoweth and Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for Lee Pace. Unfortunately the show suffered the consequences of the Writers Guild strike. If you like the quirky French film Amelie, you’ll definitely like this series.


  1. Freaks and Geeks

    Freaks and Geeks launched the career of multiple Hollywood stars we celebrate today; from James Franco, Jason Segel, Seth Rogen, and Linda Cardellini. It’s a teen comedy-drama series created by Bridesmaids director Paul Feig and 40-Year-Old-Virgin’s Judd Apatow. The show’s one and only season, with a total of only 12 episodes, garnered critical acclaim and three Emmy nominations including Outstanding Writing and Outstanding Casting, in spite of it being targeted towards teens. Sadly it was cancelled because of the low ratings and only got its cult status after Apatow became a successful filmmaker.


  1. Arrested Development

    Okay, we’re kind of cheating on this entry. Arrested Development was cancelled in 2006 with 3 seasons, but it was picked up by Netflix for a fourth season in 2013 and the fifth season is expected to premiere this year. Despite critical acclaim and six Primetime Emmy awards including Outstanding Comedy Series, the show received low ratings and viewership which eventually led to its cancellation.



  1. Samurai Jack

    Creator Genndy Tartakovsky was best known for his work in Dexter’s Laboratory, Star Wars: Clone Wars and this critically-acclaimed, Emmy-nominated cartoon. The series premiered on Cartoon Network on 2001 and ended on 2004 after 52 episodes. Its unique visual style became a favourite for critics everywhere. It was also announced that the show was being revived on Adult Swim with the original creator returning as executive producer.

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