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TV Watching Guidelines for Your Kids


With the extent of subject matter available for viewing on your TV, leaving the remote with your kid for the taking is definitely not a good idea. But the technology of television can actually help your child grow smart with responsible use. All you have to do is make the right choices and devise the best plan.

Don’t be one of those parents who just keep their kids away from the screen. Don’t let your kids miss out on this part of today’s culture because it’s still an important part of his or her development. Here are some tips on how you can guide your kids when watching TV:

Limit how much time your kid spends watching TV

Don’t allow your kids to watch more than two hours of TV each day. This might be hard especially for those kids who are used to watching TV growing up. But, if you break down viewing into 10 to 15 minute intervals, it makes it seem like he or she is watching more.

Don’t watch TV, watch programs

Instead of just letting your kids sit in front of a TV set and watch whatever’s on, make it a point to carefully choose which programs he or she watches. Find out white time they come on and make sure to turn the TV off when the show is over. This teaches your kid about responsible viewing.

Watch with your kids as much as you can

Some parents use the television as a way to pacify kids who throw tantrums. This is a big no. Be there when they watch TV so you can guide them and protect them from sensitive shows. Aside from this, it makes them feel supported and that their interests are important to you.

Become a role model

Kids learn best by imitation. They copy what they see around them. By this virtue, make sure you are setting a good example for them so they can learn about responsible viewing.


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