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What is Quantum Dot Technology?

What is Quantum Dot Technology?

It seems like every day, technology brings us something new to marvel at and drool over. There’s the Apple Pencil that promises precision and control, and the Hoverboard which is basically today’s take on skateboards and roller blades.

One of the more recent advances in TV is the Quantum Dot Technology. In the LCDs and LEDs we have today, backlight is white light, made up of a spectrum of colors that get filtered into RGB pixels which compose your TV’s image quality. What Quantum Dot Technology promises is to take away that filtering so that you are left with a brighter, vivid and color-enhanced picture quality.

Here’s more of what you need to know about Quantum Dot Technology.

What is Quantum Dot Technology?

TCL keeps with its promise to deliver innovation for more interactive home entertainment experiences. May of this year saw the launch of a batch of UHD TVs with Quantum Dot display technology. Coupled with a full-bodied and immersive sound experience, expect a refreshingly vivid and new perspective with Quantum Dot TV H9700, Curved 4K UHD TV H8800 and 4K UHD E6800.

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