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Where You Should Place Your Television


The living room has often been called the entertainment center of your home. It is where families bond over simple conversations and movie nights and guests are entertained; it should, therefore, reflect the personality of the whole family without sacrificing style, comfort and the convergence of technology and interior design.

As the LED TV becomes the focal point of every living room, many factors such as functionality and aesthetics should be taken into consideration. For instance, does the TV placement provide the best viewing experience? Does it mesh well with how the other furniture in the room is arranged? Let’s find out! Here are some tips and tricks on how to get the perfect TV placement:

Functional Placement

Place your LED TV at eye-level

Make sure that your TV is placed in such a way that you can view it comfortably at a height that’s parallel with your eyes. If the TV is higher, or lower than eye level, it may result in neck and eye strains and other health risks.

When left without a choice, place your TV a little higher than eye level but make sure to  get reclining chairs for ergonomic purposes.

Get the best viewing angle

The most ideal viewing angle when adjusting your TV screen is at 12 degrees below the horizon of the TV screen. This angle allows you to watch television without craning your neck or straining your eyes. It’s best to get a wall mount or TV stand that can be adjusted so you can determine which angle is most comfortable to you.

The best viewing distance for your TV size

Achieving the best viewing distance depends on the size of your flat-screen TV. Here’s a loose guide on how close you should be to your television when you watch TV:

Screen Size

Viewing Distance

70 inches

9 to 15 feet

65 inches

8 to 13 feet

58 inches

7 to 12 feet

52 inches

6.5 to 11 feet

46 inches

6 to 9.5 feet

40 inches

5 to 8.5 feet

37 inches

4.5 to 7.5 feet
32 inches

4 to 6.5 feet

26 inches

3 to 5.5 feet


Aesthetic Placement

Integrating your TV with your room decor can be quite easy especially when you’ve already figured out where to place it according the more technical factors of your viewing experience. The key to decorating with technology is to get the overall theme of your decor. Here are some examples that may guide you in making your TV placement pleasing to the eye:

Mount it

After choosing the most ideal placement for your TV, place a grounder under your flat screen like a console so that the wall on which your TV is mounted won’t look so empty. Proceed with decorating around your TV by hanging photos and some artwork.

Frame it

Another artful execution can be framing your TV itself to make it look like a large painting. This will exude an elegant feel if your home decor is more posh and clean.

Store it

Storage cabinets can be very versatile depending on what the room will be used for. When the TV set isn’t needed, you can just close the cabinet and you’ll end up with a piece of furniture that’s both aesthetically pleasing but is also not distracting. When the TV is in use, the storage unit can act as a guide that will draw focus to the television set.

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