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Your Guide to a DIY TV Frame


Flat screen TVs have been a game-changing addition to home living and interior design. On the other hand, some flat screen TVs can be glaring to the eye – especially those bulky models which can be quite difficult to incorporated to your home decor.

If you find yourself facing this design dilemma, one of the best solutions can be creating a custom frame for your TV. Not only will it drive the focal point to your flat screen TV, it will also result in a perfectly integrated interior design. You may, of course, scout for readymade TV frames from your nearby stores but commercial TV frames can be pricey and you won’t always find the perfect fit and style for your home. With DIY TV frames, not only will you be in control of the style, you can also cut down on budget.

So to guide you in creating your own custom-made TV frame, here is a step-by-step process you can follow:

Tools and materials:

  • Basic trim molding (dimensions according to your TV’s installation and construction option)
  • Your preferred crown molding
  • Nails
  • Paint or stain
  • Picture hanging kit
  • Wood glue


STEP 1: Measure the dimensions of your flat-screen TV.

STEP 2: Create a rectangular picture frame using your chosen crown molding. Note that the inside of your frame should be the outside measurements of your flat-screen. Secure the pieces of the frame together by using nails and a strong wood glue.

STEP 3: Measure how far your TV sticks out from the wall. The TV frame you will construct should have the same measurements on the inside.

STEP 4: Do not forget to allow for air ventilation at the top and bottom of your TV frame to avoid overheating. Upon installation, make sure to assess whether or not your television overheats after an hour of usage. If the temperature goes higher than usual, drill some holes to your molding to let your TV breathe.

STEP 5: You may either paint your frame or stain it to add color and character.

STEP 6: Use a sturdy picture hanging kit to attach it to the wall.

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