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YouTubers For Every Personality In Your Barkada


YouTube vlogging presented itself as a new form of media back in 2005 when it first became popular. Looking for something funny to watch over your lunch break? YouTube’s got a roster of comedians making a name for themselves. How about a makeup tutorial for a date? They’ve got plenty. Everyone can find everything in there, no matter how weird or niche your interests are. So here’s a list of YouTubers every personality in your barkada can enjoy.


The Kikay – KathleenLights

Kathleen Fuentes or more commonly known as KathleenLights is fairly new to the vlogging game and started only 3 years ago, but she is one of the most well-loved beauty gurus out there. You may recognize her from her collaboration with Internet cult brands Colourpop and Morphe. Lots of people find her reviews and tutorials very refreshing and reliable compared to other more popular vloggers because of her down-to-earth and bubbly personality.


The Wanderer – Erik Conover

Erik Conover started his channel 2 years ago only documenting his daily life in the exciting city of New York. Fast-forward to today and he’s travelled far and wide from Taiwan, Costa Rica, Paris, and Bonaire. His chill personality is also a good break from the adrenaline you usually get from travel vloggers. It’s also pretty inspiring how fast his life’s changed in just a span of 2 years – getting sponsorships from different countries, getting engaged, moving to different apartments, and many more.



The Director – Every Frame A Painting

The person behind Every Frame A Painting is filmmaker and freelance editor Tony Zhou. Watching an episode from this informative channel can feel like taking a class from film school – he discusses music, editing, sound, and many more! But control yourself and try not to watch all of the episodes in one go. Tony Zhou irregularly posts content because he complies, edits, and voice-overs the episodes on his own and only on his spare time.


The Comedian – Hannah Hart

Hannah Hart unknowingly started her YouTube career back in March 2011when she filmed a grilled cheese sandwich recipe video while intoxicated on wine. Sounds like a ridiculous and dangerous idea, but it’s actually quite funny and punny! She has come a long way from My Drunk Kitchen and has garnered over 2.3 million subscribers, 2 book deals, 2 films (with her BFFs and fellow YouTubers Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart,) and recently a Food Network TV series.

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